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Seagull Fishbar Birmingham

Traditional Pizza
Margherita (V)
£4.20Add +
Suitable for vegetarians, cheese and tomato
Hawaiian£4.20Add +Ham and pineapple
Farm House£4.20Add +Ham and mushroom
Meat Feast£4.20Add +Ham, chicken, pepperoni, beef and salami
Mexicano£4.20Add +Pepperoni, spicy chicken, jalapeños and onions
Tex Mex£4.20Add +Spicy chicken, spicy beef, jalapeños and fresh chilli
Mediterranean£4.20Add +Olives, salami, peppers, jalapeños and mushrooms
Vegetarian (V)£4.20Add +Sutiable for vegetarians, onions, mushrooms, peppers, sweetcorn and olives
Vegetarian Hot & Spicy (V)£4.20Add +Sutiable for vegetarians, onions, mushrooms, jalapeños, fresh chillies and sweetcorn
Full House Specials£4.20Add +All toppings, hot spicy optional
BBQ Specials£4.20Add +BBQ sauce, chicken, mushrooms and peppers
Polo For You£4.20Add +
Create Your Own£4.20Add +Spicy beef, ham, chicken, chicken tikka, tuna, salami, pepperoni, peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweetcorn, jalapeño, fresh chillies, pineapple and black olives
Family Specials£12.70Add +16" any toppings with a portion of salad, 4 pieces of garlic bread or portion of chips and a 1.5 litre bottle of drink
Special Deal£6.20Add +Any toppings pizza, cone of chips, portion of garlic bread and a can of drink
Fish & Chips
£1.40Add +
Cod Fish£2.70Add +
Haddock£4.20Add +
Plaice£4.20Add +
Tin Roe£1.50Add +
Fresh Roe£3.30Add +
Large Battered Sausage£1.40Add +
Large Sausage£1.40Add +
Saveloy£1.40Add +
Scallops£0.50Add +
Fish Cake£1.40Add +
Scampi£3.10Add +
Southern Fried Chicken
Portion of Hot Wings£1.50Add +
Portion of Potato Wedges£1.50Add +
1 Piece of Chicken£1.70Add +
1 Piece of Chicken & Chips£2.40Add +
2 Pieces of Chicken & Chips£3.20Add +
3 Pieces of Chicken & Chips£3.70Add +
4 Pieces of Chicken & Chips£4.70Add +
Donner Kebab£4.60Add +
Donner Meat & Chips£4.60Add +
Donner Kebab in Naan£4.90Add +
Chicken Kebab£5.00Add +
Chicken Meat & Chips£5.00Add +
Chicken Kebab in Naan£5.20Add +
Chicken Tikka Kebab£5.00Add +
Chicken Tikka Meat & Chips£5.00Add +
Chicken Tikka in Naan£5.20Add +
Chicken Tikka Shish in Naan£5.90Add +
Lamb Shish in Naan£6.50Add +
Shish Kofte in Naan£5.90Add +
Chicken Wrap£3.50Add +
Donner Wrap£3.20Add +
Chicken Tikka Wrap£3.50Add +
Mix Wrap£3.50Add +
Mix Meat & Chips
£5.00Add +
Mix Kebab in Naan£5.20Add +
Beef Burger£2.50Add +
Cheese Burger£2.70Add +
Double Burger£3.90Add +
Chicken Fillet Burger£3.00Add +
Donner Burger£2.50Add +
Chicken Kebab Burger£2.70Add +
Chicken Steak Burger£2.70Add +
Veggie Burger£2.70Add +
Mini Fish in Bun£3.20Add +
Pukka Pies & Pasties
Steak & Kidney£2.40Add +
Chicken & Mushroom£2.40Add +
Beef & Onions£2.40Add +
All Steak£2.40Add +
Chicken Balti£2.40Add +
Beef & Onion Pasty£2.30Add +
Cornish Pasty£2.30Add +
Cheese & Onion Pasty£2.30Add +
Curry Beef Patty£2.30Add +
Side Orders
Chicken Nuggets£3.00Add +
Half Spring Chicken£3.20Add +
Salad in Pitta Bread£1.80Add +
Portion of Small Salad£1.70Add +
Portion of Large Salad£2.50Add +
Veg Spring Roll (V)£1.70Add +Suitable for vegetarians
Portion Peas or Curry£1.50Add +
Pickled Egg£0.60Add +
Pickled Onion£0.50Add +
Red or Brown Sauce£1.50Add +
Cockles or Mussels£2.30Add +
Cheese on Chips£2.50Add +
Garlic Bread (2)£1.20Add +2 slices of garlic bread
Garlic Bread with Cheese (2)£1.50Add +2 slices of garlic bread topped with cheese
Battered Mushroom£1.50Add +
Onion Rings£1.50Add +
Naan Bread£1.50Add +
Pickled Gherkins£0.60Add +
Dips£0.60Add +
Carton of Drink£0.60Add +
Can of Drink£0.85Add +
Bottles of Drink£1.30Add +500 ml
Bottles of Drink£2.30Add +1.5 litre
Dessert Menu
Chocolate Fudge Cake£2.20Add +
Haagen Dazs 100ml£2.20Add +Various flavours available, please specify your preference in the comments box
Haagen Daz 500ml£5.20Add +Various flavours available, please specify your preference in the comments box
Seagull Specials
Pie & Chips£4.00Add +With curry, peas or gravy in a tray
Faggot's & Chips£3.50Add +With mushy peas or gravy
Roe & Chips£3.00Add +with Curry, Peas or Gravy in Tray
Any Burger & Chips£4.00Add +With a can of Pepsi (excluding the double burger)
Sausage & Chips£3.00Add +With curry, peas or gravy in a tray
Mini Fish & Chips£4.00Add +With peas or curry in a tray
Southern Fried Bargain Meal Special£12.70Add +8 pieces of chicken, 2 portion of chips, 3 hot wings, 3 potato wedges, tub of curry sauce, peas or gravy and 1.5 litre of drink
Kids Meal
Kids Meal Sausage & Chips£3.20Add +
Kids Meal Fish Cake & Chips£3.20Add +
Kids Meal Chicken Nuggets & Chips£3.20Add +
Kids Meal Kebab Meat & Chips£3.20Add +
Kids Meal Drumstick & Chips£3.20Add +
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